Laser Light Shows, Professional Event Lighting & FX:  Mixed-Media Professionals

A mixed-media production is a highly effective way to present your message during an event, organizational gathering or corporate meeting.  Today's state-of-the-art technologies can transform a convention ballroom into a three-dimensional entertainment experience.  At dusk, buildings, hillsides, national monuments and other static surfaces change instantaneously into large-scale productions, telling a story with brilliantly-colored images, light beams and associated effects. These productions entertain with energetic, crowd-motivating music which can end with recognition of a sponsor or sponsors of the event, projected through laser graphics or HD video projection.  Many options include laser light show production, video projection, moving head lighting, special effects such as fog, snow, bubbles, cryo, pyro, etc., video mapping and multi-color LED lighting.  Lasersmith's expertise in these mediums will give your project the 'wow factor' you were planning for in your next event.

Corporate Productions / Organizational Gatherings / National Conventions / Awards Ceremonies

Lasersmith's opportunity to shine comes from our concerts, corporate theatre, national conventions and organizational gatherings.  Whether your production takes place in a hotel ballroom or stadium, Lasersmith's event planners will custom design a production which will leave your audience talking for a long time.  We can produce any size production from a small-scale show, projecting a client's logo on a meeting room screen to covering an entire stadium with thousands of brilliant laser beams and moving head lights.  Our expertise in these types of productions allows us to keep pricing at a very competitive level, inviting you to include us in the planning of your next corporate or organizational function.

Laser Light Shows in Festivals, Theater and Special Events

Tuacahn Amphitheater Prince of Egypt Production
Festival Special Event Laser light show

Lasers produce graphic images with brilliant, coherent light and their beams can be seen from several miles away.  Every year, in theme parks, attractions, conventions and planetariums and outdoor events, millions of people are amazed by the laser light show art form.  Lasersmith provides an affordable, portable version of this form of entertainment which will allow you to raise the bar considerably at your next festival or special event.

Seasonal, Holiday and Special Events

Outdoor show set up at water park

Celebrate your next seasonal, holiday or location-specific special event with a new, exciting twist.  Lasersmith will add the "wow factor" of laser graphics and beam effects to your next Summer entertainment calendar, Independence Day celebration, Christmas tree lighting, Easter production, New Years Eve celebration, Chinese New Year.... you name it.  Lasersmith's event planning specialists will illuminate your venue while adding an exciting new sparkle to your next production.

Sporting Events

Need your team logo projected with bright laser beams during the opening of your next game?  Would you like to cover your team in confetti after the big win?  Lasersmith produces sports-related graphics and laser beam shows designed to fit your team's image or theme.  We offer multiple-turret confetti cannons as well.  We will program a complete game opening or half-time show, synchronized to your venue's music score to keep your crowd moving in their seats.  Our impressive library of sports-related graphics can be customized to fit your team at a fraction of the cost of custom programming an entire show.  Whether it be a playoffs game or projecting "National Champions" on the outside of your stadium, Lasersmith is up to the task of creating a memorable experience for your team.